About – Aaron C. Wong

Aaron C. Wong grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. Born of mixed descent, one parent an immigrant, neither Southern, he often took on the viewpoint of outsider (in race, religion, culture, etc.). With this perspective, he eventually decided to give both American coasts a try — receiving a BFA in British Literature from UCLA and an MFA in Film and Television Production from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

He followed his education with a series of adventures that included writing coverage in LA, teaching 8th grade in Mississippi, editing for ABC News in NYC, building fences in Kentucky, and DP’ing features in Ghana. In his pursuit to tell stories honest, multifaceted, and compassionate, Aaron sought and continues to seek out connections and experiences that explore and celebrate our shared humanity.

Now based in Portland, Oregon, Aaron is currently writing and developing several features, TV shows, short films, and documentaries. He also enjoys hiking, surfing, reading, and practicing Jeet Kune Do.

Aaron C. Wong Portrait
Aaron 1.24.2015