A Violent Noise

A ranger defends Garamba, the last refuge of elephants in DR Congo

As a veteran ranger, LUFUA helps defend the animals and people within Garamba, one of the oldest parks in Africa.

Placed on the northeastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Garamba deals with refugees from local and surrounding civil wars, poachers domestic and foreign, and corruption from its own government. The fight happens daily for the survival of Garamba’s animals, particularly its elephants, who face extinction like the white rhino before them.

When his platoon is attacked and rangers killed by a mysterious group of heavily armed poachers, Lufua seeks revenge. He turns to a friend from his past for help – OFRI, a poacher. But the ends to which Lufua goes for his revenge and to help the woman he loves SOLANGE puts the sanctity of his soul in danger.

A Violent Noise is a dramatic, action-laced thriller that explores the complexities facing the rangers of Garamba and modern life in the Congo. It has most recently moved to the 2nd Round of the Austin Film Festival Dramatic Screenplay Competition.

Screenplay and more information available upon request.