A year in two lives in rural Mississippi - one teacher and one student

Feature | Drama

LIBBY runs away from everything she’s known after graduating from college. Hoping to focus on something other than herself, she enrolls in a teaching program in Mississippi. Her assignment – a small rural school.

All CANDACE knows is her small town. She bounces around, staying with her uncle, her mom, her stepdad. Nothing is stable for her.

Libby becomes Candace’s eighth-grade teacher. The school, the town, their lives are difficult for both of them and, in finding each other, they share an understanding.

But a student-teacher relationship is never simple: are they actually good or bad for each other?

The Orchestras offers a meditation on the educational system and life in a small Southern town, as informed by Aaron C. Wong’s teaching experiences in Mississippi.

Screenplay and more information available upon request.