Writing Update – Week #1 1/6/2019

Here’s my first update. Not too bad but it’s easy to start out strong. My goal is to update every Sunday with my progress.

1 – Script read: Jackie Brown
There are some things that feel a little outdated and out of touch, particularly with the character of Ordell. But, in my opinion, there’s some really masterful dialogue, pacing, and simply writing (descriptions, transitions). An enjoyable read.

2 – Movies watched: First Reformed & Madeline’s Madeline
Both pretty good movies. I’m going to try write short reviews as I watch the films. A little behind but hopefully more on these soon.

7 – Pages written: 13
Not too bad (see image from Highland, just found this feature). Cheating a bit since I’m rewriting a script. But I’ll take it!

14 – Story Prep: Didn’t exactly accomplish this but started reading King Leopold’s Ghost and finished The Coffeebreak Screenwriter by Pilar Alessandra

Aaron Wong Highland writing update 1/6/2019
Aaron Wong Highland writing update 1/6/2019

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