Writing Update – Week #20 5/19/2019

So, the bad news is that it’s been a reaally long time since my last update. The good news is that I finally finished a draft of A Violent Noise that I was happy enough to send to the Austin Film Festial Screenplay Competiiton and the Sundance Labs. I’m planning, fingers crossed, to get back into my weekly updates here.

1- Script read: King Richard
In the middle of reading this script that placed second in the 2018 Blacklist. So far, it’s okay, nothing too challenging or exciting about it. It’s a fairly straight forward story fo the father of Venus and Serena Williams helping them achieve tennis superstardom.

2 – Movies TV Shows watched: The Tick and The Widow
Behind on watching movies, but have been watching these two series on Amazon. The Tick is cute if pretty forgettable. For some reason with The Widow, some of the dialogue and structure really gets to me; I find it pretty contrived. It is shot and acted pretty well though. Mainly watching to see how DR Congo is represented and how it compares to my script A Violent Noise.

7 – Pages written: ?
So really no idea how many pages written since I’ve switched software to Scrivener as there isn’t a clear indication. I’ll have to find a way to keep tabs on this. But basically wrote several last passes of A Violent Noise for my May 15th deadlines.

14 – Story Prep, Learn the Craft/Business:
Started work a short script Sisters. And I’m in prep on my next feature John Brown.

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