Writing Update – Week #3 1/22/2019

It’s a few days late this week (I was traveling) but here’s the update:

1- Script read: Destroyer
Fairly helpful read. I found the simple sentence structure and use of white space more similar to what I’m doing now with A Violent Noise. It was interesting how the beginning of the script used more “we see” and camera direction, but less as the script continued (at least as I can remember it). Felt like some cliches in making Bell so tough, and didn’t really come together to me at the end (didn’t seem big enough). Still, I’d like to see the movie.

2 – Movies watched: Aladdin & The Princess and the Frog
I was watching a 2 1/2-year-old so we watched some of her favorite movies. I don’t remember Aladdin being so clever. And I really liked the world of The Princess and the Frog, but didn’t feel as emotionally satisfying for some reason.

7 – Pages written: 4
Slacked off this week. Still rewriting pages. Had kind of a breakthrough with the third act so working through that (!!).

14 – Story Prep, Learn the Craft/Business:
Still reading King Leopold’s Ghost. Started prepping on some short scripts and also what I plan to be my next script John Brown.

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