Writing Update – Week #4 1/28/2019

Falling behind after recovering from being sick, but feeling pretty inspired.

1- Script read: Harry’s All Night Hamburgers
This is another script from the 2018 Blacklist. A quick, fun read but really didn’t leave me with much. Felt kind of Back to the Futurish-lite and actuall like something I would read in 7th grade (whcih could acutally be a good thing?)

2 – Movies watched: The Peacekeepers, The Dare of Garamba, Hereditary
The first two were documentaries for research for my screenplay. The Peacekeepers was really interesting – a very behind the scenes look at the UN dealing with the Ituri conflict in Congo. But, for me at least, it almost didn’t give enough information. I felt confused at times, not knowing who all the players were and what was going on. It did show a really unique perspective and would advise seeing it, although there were some pretty graphic shots. The Dare of Garamba was actually about the place that I’m writing about so I got some insight and imagery that I had only read about before. The problem is that the film is produced by African Parks so it feels rather light and pretty promotional. I didn’t know that there are children in the areas surrounding the park that have never gone in before, who have never see the animals that live in the park. Hereditary – some great shots and mood, but I came away thinking that it could have been a really good short film.

7 – Pages written: 3
Way off target this week, but actually feeling that I’m so close to having a new draft done that I send to people for feedback. So close …

14 – Story Prep, Learn the Craft/Business:
Still reading King Leopold’s Ghost. Slacking …

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