Writing Update – Week #9 3/3/2019

It’s been awhile since my last update, but planning to pick it up again.

1- Script read: None
Started reading a few but none completed.

2 – Movies watched: High Flying Bird and The Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Both enjoyable in their ways. High Flying Bird felt very much like a play to me. Dialogue was great, just felt like scene after scene of people talking to each though. Wilderpeople had that Taika Waititi sense of humor that is a lot of fun but at times feels like it cheats, in my opinion.

7 – Pages written: 11 or so
See next part below for further explanation. So close to finishing (!) …

14 – Story Prep, Learn the Craft/Business:
So I swtiched laptops from Mac to PC and I realized that there is no Highland for PC. This means I can’t keep track of pages like I was before since I’m using a beta PC version of Scrivener (plus has to convert my writing back to the program). So not quite sure how this will work yet but here are updates since the last time I posted from both programs.

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